"A Surgeon With the Rare Combination of Expert Skills and Compassion! I just had surgery to remove a large mass under one of my arms this past Wednesday (it is now Friday, only 2 days later).Dr. Gorski did a remarkable job in every respect! First, at our initial appointment she spent a lot of time with me discussing my situation and I never felt rushed. She was down to earth and friendly in a way that I could tell was sincere. It was very reassuring to me to be treated like a human being and not just a "patient" with a mass that needed extraction. Second, She did a remarkable job of removing the mass cleanly (you would never know it was there, and it was quite substantial and lodged pretty deeply).What is most amazing to me is that I have had no pain and all I've taken was 600 mgs of Advil just to help keep the swelling down. While I certainly hope I will never need surgery again, if I do ever need it I would definitely see Dr. Gorski first and foremost!I also would gladly and highly recommend her to anyone needing surgery within her areas of expertise."
-- Scott Fishkind

~ ~ ~
"I consider it an honor to write on your behalf, Dr. Gorski. Maury County is indeed fortunate to have a female surgeon,and especially one with great credentials. I have many friends who have personally told me what a good doctor you are and also how kind and considerate you are. They view you not only as their physician but also their friend and one that trully cares past the heeling process.I have known you for most of your career here and appreciate the many contributions you make to our county both as a professional and as a good citizen and as my friend. Your smile goes a long way to helping people recover from their trauma and I know you would go out of your way to help anyone especially your patients."
-- James L Bailey Jr.
Mayor, Maury County
~ ~ ~
"I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you are THE coolest doctor I've ever been to! And, I am sharing that fact with everyone who asks who "did my surgery." I truly don't believe I've ever been to anyone any sweeter than you. And, because of you, this surgery was an awesome outcome. Doc...You da bomb !! My very best wishes to you ..Thanks so much!"
--Teressa Crabtree

~ ~ ~
"On a professional note, I worked in Medical Referrals, EVERY patient I was asked to refer to General Surgery, Dr. Gorski was the only choice I would make!! She is an amazing surgeon. On a personal note, Dr. Gorski was my husband's surgeon with his hernia and colonoscopy. She also did a minor surgery in office on an emergency basis for myself and I was so grateful for her!!! She is not only the Best General Surgeon in Maury County but in my opinion she is the Best General Surgeon EVER!! She is an amazing and friendly person. Anyone would be LUCKY to have her as their surgeon!!!"
-- Lisa Folds, Columbia, TN
~ ~ ~
"I am writing this to thank Dr. Gorski for what she has done for me. For many months I was unable to eat a lot of foods and I didn't quite know why. When I finally found out what the problem was after a trip to the emergency room (gallstones) I was referred to a surgeon. When I saw Dr. Gorski she told me I should have it removed in the next two or three days. I, being stubborn, insisted that I would be fine through the rest of the week and the weekend. However, that night I became very ill and realized that she was right. She was kind enough to reschedule my surgery for an earlier date and I am very grateful for that. She was always kind to me and my family and was very down to earth. With my high school graduation only about three weeks after my surgery date I was so thankful that she helped me overcome my eating problems and pain. She called to check on me after the surgery and did not seem to mind when I called with questions of my own. I am so glad that I had a kind caring surgeon to help me through my surgery, especially at such a hectic time. I would recommend Dr. Gorski to anyone who was in need of a surgeon for all of these reasons."
-- Kerri Glasgow
~ ~ ~
What a great, caring, dedicated person with a light touch, an easy manner, and the best ear I have ever found in a doctor! She listen's to everything you have to say, and does her best every time! My whole family has been to her office and all surgeries/visits have gone very well. She's still my own personal angel! I am so glad that my female internist sent me to this female surgeon! It was so nice to have a real choice, and have it turn out so right! Thanks Marie!
-- Cheryl Kiser
~ ~ ~
"Sooo..I go to Birmingham for my first breast implant consult. Very extravagant office, long list of "happy" clients, and an advertised reasonable price list. But once inside the exam room, the surgeon COMPLETELY disregards what I want, pushing the "size" he thinks I should be..and then hands me an itemized statement that's almost triple the price advertised on his website. Next consult please. The surgeon in Franklin was no different. So my friend recommends Dr. Gorski...a female surgeon who actually LISTENED! VERY attentative, VERY skilled, and I am VERY happy with my results...not to mention the $3 grand price difference she saved me!! Havta love that!! My over-charged friends are still a lil jealous. Can't say I blame them!"
-- Lisa Holt
~ ~ ~
"Dr. Gorski goes above and beyond what is required by the average surgeon and doctor. She's done two surgeries on me and I received care that was second to none from her. She's my favorite surgeon and a great person!"
-- David Pruitt
~ ~ ~
"I think Dr. Gorski is one of the most Kind and Compassionate people I have ever met and one of the best Dr. My Wife has been to for her breast canser or she would not have chosen you as her Dr. Also if I ever need you as my Dr I would not hesitate. If you have a problem she would not hesitate to open her office for you or stay later than normal to help you understand your problem. I think she is a wonderful person with a great personality."
-- James Parker
~ ~ ~
"Marie G saved my life 4 months ago, i was told i had lung cancer by a lung specialist and was scheldued to have my right lung removed. After talking to Marie she decided to have a series of tests run that was above and beyond the normal tests that were given....Outcome?...i only had infection that had not healed and a simple round of antibotics done the job!! She saved my life on more than one occasion. Marie Gorski is a caring doctor that also CARES for her patients!Thumbs up to Dr G!!!!!!
-- Steve Loftin
~ ~ ~
"AMEN. Best surgeon in town."

"The reason I chose Dr. Gorski to evaluate my severe right upper abdomen pain was twofold, I had positive experiences with her on both a personal and a professional level in the past. On the personal level, my wife had Dr. Gorski take out her gallbladder. At the time my wife was 21 and was scared, as most 21 year olds undergoing surgery would be. Dr. Gorski took the time to sit down and explain the procedure to her and made sure that all of her questions were answered prior to her signing the surgery consent. She made sure my wife truly was informed about the surgery. One a professional level, I have referred many patients to Dr. Gorski from my private practice. I generally refer patients with abdominal pain to her, as she can perform in office ultrasound, same day surgery endoscopy, and general surgery. She essentially is the "one stop doc" for abdominal pain. This saves my patients from having uneccessary tests performed and enables them to receive care by the same person throughout their workup. More importantly, I send patients to Dr. Gorski because of the tests she doesn't do. Dr. Gorski and I have a shared belief that you must sit down and listen to your patient. You cannot stand at the doorway and treat a patient. You must sit down, stop writing, and listen. Because she does listen, I know that my patients will not have uneccessary tests done. Regretfully, many physicians would rather order tests on patients that to simply listen to them. Thankfully Dr. Gorski is the anomaly among these physicians. So, when I developed severe right upper abdominal pain, I picked up the phone and called Dr. Gorski's office immediately, as I knew she would see me as soon as possible, and she would listen to my symptoms and examine me thoroughly, including performing an ultrasound in her office rather than sending me to the outpatient center at the hospital, which would only prolong my diagnosis and my pain. She saw me immediately and performed an immediate ultrasound. I had cholecystitis, or an infection of the gallbladder. Because of this, I was in severe pain. She decided that I needed immediate surgery and called the hospital to schedule it. Two hours later, my gallbladder and my pain were gone."
-- Chandler Anderson, FNP
CEO Right Care, Inc
~ ~ ~
"She is the most talented and caring surgeon in this town, I speak from experience. After having breast cancer, I couldn't have asked for a better doctor or friend!!!!"
-- Nancy Holloway
~ ~ ~
I am writing this to express my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Marie Gorski. She is a charming and very caring person as well as a surgeon. I called on a Friday morning to make an appointment. Luckily, I could see her the same afternoon! When she came in the room with a big smile and a handshake, I knew instantly she was my answer and the help that I needed desparately. After hearing my medical problem and reading my history of prior tests, she did her own ultrasound immediatly and found what CT scan I had done months prior suggested, it was my gallbladder that was my problem and NOT a stomach virus. Dr. Gorski scheduled my surgery for the coming Monday morning. Monday eventing at home when I finally woke up good, I instantly felt like a new person. After almost 2 years of being sick with spells of nausea, pain in the belly and diarrhea, all that was gone! A week off work, I am back, with new found energy able to eat and with no diarrhea or pain. I will always be greatful and a life-time friend and singer of her great talents as a physician, not to mention a wonderful person. I have become a believer that there are still real doctors out there that will listen to the patient!
--Dorothy Jones-Stewart
~ ~ ~
"I don't think there is another surgeon around that would have gone that extra mile for me that Doc G. did.....anyone can cut you open and chop you up...but it takes someone special to have that healing touch!"
-- Gerald Vick
~ ~ ~
"Last time I bumped into Dr. G was at Office Max.. i was returning somthing, she was in search of office supplies.... ya know the ones that workes take home with them... anyway w/o violating my own HIPPA RULES.. the good Dr. has performed surgery on my own living carcas. YES SHE DID! 3 cuts to the front torso, 1 love handle, and 1 inner forearm incision. boy O boy.. is this Dr a cut up or what? she had me in stitches almost the whole time i was "On the Table".. Great Personality, easy touch. and the stitches this woman can tie..O.M.G. next time i go salmon fishing.. she is going with me. BOTTOM LINE is Dr. G is Most Exelent at what she does best... a SURGEON. This Lassie is worth her weight in Platnum and is great to be around and very easy to talk to.. my wife and I kept her in the office WAY WAY WAY after hours..just talking like we have known her for years & years.. Marie is VERY GOOD PEOPLE.... Thanks for everything Doc. "
-- J& K Long
~ ~ ~
"I had to have thyroid surgery a few years back. Most people do not notice the scar on my neck unless I tell them. Dr Marie said she had the smallest surgical hands in town & she was right. If I have to have any more surgeries (hopefully none anytime soon, if ever.) in the future I am sure I will be calling on her."
-- Elizabeth A Delk Kelley
~ ~ ~
"Dr. Gorski is truly dedicated to her patients. When I needed my gallbladder removed, she explained what to expect with much detail and answered all my questions. The day after my surgery, she personally called to check on me to make sure I was doing okay. No other surgeon has ever done that before! She impressed me so much that it was no surprise that when my daughters needed surgery, Dr. Gorski was the only choice for us. After our surgeries, I found out that Dr. Gorski provides the least expensive laparoscopic cholycystectomy of any surgeon in Maury County. I highly recommend Dr. Gorski for all your breast and general surgical needs."
-- Mary Hancock Trull
~ ~ ~
"My experience with Dr. Marie Gorski was better than I could have even imagined. She was very kind and compassionate. Dr. Gorski did a wonderful job explaining my surgical procedure. I felt completely comfortable the day of my surgery. After my recovery, I was amazed at the lack of a visible scar! Dr. Gorski encompasses everything that makes a surgeon great! "
-- Shelley Safford
~ ~ ~
"Doc has operated on me and I can guarantee you I would never use anyone else! She is the BEST!!!    Also, on another occasion, I was out of town working (yes working) in Orlando when my daughter called me in tears with pain. I contacted Doc and she in turn called my daughter and saw her in the office the next day. Doc did an ultrasound in the office, and after my daughter was seen, it was determined that she needed her gallbladder removed. They scheduled the surgery for the next day (a Friday), Doc removed the gall bladder and daughter was back in school on Monday morning. She has had no problems since then and also holds Doc in the highest regards. No doctor I know would have taken a phone call from a Dad that was out of town and then call his daughter AND take superb care of her. I know this was long but Doc is worth every bit of praise I can give her. Thank you "G" for being there and caring!! You truly are a one of a kind! :-)"
-- Don Conant